The El Gigante Recording Club

Assembling once a year to write and a record an album in a weekend.

Latest Release

Artwork for The Shanes debut album of original Irish music

Written and recorded by The Shanes in Atlanta, GA from June 20th to 23rd, 2019. Engineered and mixed by Connor Shane. Produced by The Shanes w/ Liam Clancy.


  1. The Wild Hunt
  2. The Irish Setter
  3. Evening Comes to Ballyshannon
  4. Drink a Guinness Lads
  5. Rose of Enniskery


  • Galen Crader - Lead Vocals
  • Aiofe On'OffAgain - Fiddle
  • Vikki O’Ganger - Banjo, Fiddle, Irish Drums
  • John Maschinot - Uilleann Pipes, Flute
  • Lesley Boyd, Shauna Shannon O Muireadhaigh - Whistles
  • Connor Shane - Guitar, Vocals, Mixing and Mastering Engineer
  • Jack Shane - Mandolin, Guitar, Vocals, Songwriting
  • Liam McAliley - Bass, Vocals, Banjo, Sound Editor
  • Kennedy O’Connor - Vocals, Sound Engineer, Celtic Folklorist

Past Releases

Artwork for Jeromes debut album

Written and recorded by Jeromes in Nashville, TN from September 28 to 30, 2018. Engineered and mixed by Johnny Jerome. Produced by Jeromes w/ Phil Spector.


  1. Debtor's Prison
  2. America Online
  3. Motörhead
  4. Multiple Choice
  5. Hall Pass
  6. I'm Calling the Cops on You
  7. Bride of Frankenstein
  8. Then He Kissed Me
  9. Chased by a Shark
  10. Baba Ganoush

Johnny Jerome

Johnny Jerome—drums

Jack Jerome

Jack Jerome—guitar

Johnny Jelly Jerome

JJ Jerome—bass

Jerry Jerome

Jerry Jerome—shaker

Julie Jerome

Juliette Jerome—vocals

The Wild Turkeys

Artwork for the Wild Turkeys

Written and recorded by The Wild Turkeys at the Bomb Shelter in Nashville, TN from June 23 to 25, 2017. Engineered and mixed by Chester Leonard Wobegon III (Junior). Produced by The Wild Turkeys with Chester Leonard Wobegon III (Junior). Additional percussion and vocals by Tami Jackson. Background vocals on "Country Breakfast" by Janet Jackson and Babs Jackson.


  1. Country Breakfast
  2. Saban Is Real
  3. Get Your Drone Off My Land
  4. Would You Drive Any Better (With That Phone Up Your Ass)
  5. No Way Out of This Outlet Mall
  6. Country Breakfast (Muscle Shoals Demo)

Advance Praise

"This record is the sonic equivalent of eating a sausage biscuit from McDonalds. Take that how you will." • Lester Bangs, Creem

"Producing wunderkind Chester Wobegon calls out, 'Are we ready?' in the preface to the second track on this record. I can decidedly speak for the entire listening public with the response: 'No we are not.' • Robert Christgau, The Village Voice

"I listened to this album three times straight through in my backyard about a month ago. In the time since all of my rhododendrons and boxwoods have died. The leaves have fallen off my hardwood trees and the grass has gone dormant except for a thick line of green grass that spells out the words WHY DONT THEY START WHITE TAIL DEER AND DOVE SEASONS AT THE SAME TIME. Listener beware. I have huge landscaping remuneration bills that are coming out of pocket." • Billy Gibbons, ZZ Top

Bart Waldo Brunson

Bart "Waldo" Brunson—guitar, keys, drums, bass

Bud Bucky Brunson

Bud "Bucky" Brunson—guitar, vocals

Theodore Toe Brunson

Theodore "Toe" Brunson—guitar, vocals, bass, handclaps

Michael Mud Brunson

Michael "Mud" Brunson—guitar, vocals, handclaps

Chester Leonard Wobegon III

Chester Leonard Wobegon III (Junior)—guitar, production & engineering, mixing, mastering, vocals, keys, bass

Xenon Wobeme

Xenon Wobeme—guitar, vocals, additional production, handclaps

The Jackson Sisters

Babs, Janet, & Tami Jackson (left to right)—vocals, percussion